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- No upfront deposit.
- No upfront costs.
- No occupational rent.

Buy your new home 100% financed by Chartwell.

Chartwell Home Loan

The Chartwell Home Loan will help you finance your dream home in one of our Chartwell residential developments.

Our approach to assessing your financial needs and our Chartwell home loan application process have been designed  for you. We ensure your circumstances and needs are properly assessed so that you make informed decisions. This is an important step in buying your new home. Our friendly consultants will guide you throughout this process.

To make Home Ownership easy, we have combined your home purchase agreement with our Chartwell home loan agreement into one single document (instalment sale agreement or ISA). In terms of your ISA you will enjoy full rights of ownership which are recorded in the Deeds Office. By using the ISA, we have achieved real savings for you, among many other benefits.

Benefits of Chartwell Home Loan

No deposit required

We provide 100% of your funding requirements.

Registration costs

No upfront bond registration costs, transfer fees or transfer duties.

Easy Process

The process is easier, quicker and cheaper.

Easy administration

Easy administration as the Levy, Service Fees and Rates & Taxes due by you will be paid by us on your behalf and recovered from you as part of the Total Monthly Payment.

Full rights of ownership

From day one, you enjoy full rights of ownership and can freely sell your home at any time if your circumstances change. You are also able to leave your home to your loved ones in your will.

No occupational rent

Your first payment goes towards your loan.

What can you expect?

Once you have been approved for a Chartwell Home Loan, you are in a position to select your new and completed home in one of our secure housing estates.

When you purchase your home you will have the assurance that Chartwell has already completed a comprehensive due diligence assessment on the building integrity of the homes in our developments and on the desirability of the location and market value of the homes.

We have taken the first step of investing in suitable homes and reserving them for our qualifying customers in order to make available a competitive home loan to complete your purchase. You will not need to separately go through the often testing process of trying to raise a mortgage loan through one of the mortgage providers. We are your One Stop Shop for buying your home.

Financing Options

The Chartwell Home Loan offers 100% finance to qualifying buyers with no need for a deposit. The interest rates offered on the Chartwell home loan are linked to the prime lending rate and are competitive.

If you would like to buy a unit, we will help you apply for your loan. To get started, please come to the One Stop Shop at your selected site and bring along the following documents:

  • Your original ID document;
  • If you are married, we also need the original ID document of your spouse;
  • A copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable);
  • Your pay slips for the last 3 months, as well for your spouse (if applicable). If you are paid weekly, you must bring your last 4 pay slips. If you work overtime or earn a commission, you must bring proof of income for the past 6 months;
  • Your last 3 months’ bank statements, as well as for your spouse (if applicable);
  • Proof of your current address (such as a Telkom account, water account or electricity account) that clearly shows your name and the address of your residence.

Bank mortgage bond or cash purchase
Should you wish to apply for a bank mortgage bond or are a cash purchaser, on acceptance of an Offer to Purchase we will guide and assist you in applying for bank finance.
* Chartwell Home Loans are provided by Emerging Markets Home Loans One Proprietary Limited, a registered credit provider.

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